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Buddha sexuality

Buddhism and Sex, M. Very well then, my friend, I will give you an analogy; for there are cases where it is through the use of an analogy that intelligent people can understand the meaning of what is being said. For a Zen or an esoteric practitioner, one should accomplish the meditative concentration of being detached from sexual desire. Meanwhile, the guys had behaved as if they were single. Many resources are wasted on literacy. However people are looking at the suttas as "true".

Buddha sexuality

Some people decide that it's too much to attempt at one go, and remain lay Buddhists who don't take vows of celibacy. Unordained people have to live by the five precepts. We had to say this verse before school starts back when I was in Srilanka and we said it in pali but the translation is and some words I don't know the exact words: Know that the Cobra always remains poisonous, and how it gets its poison i. What matters is maintaining a feeling of detachment from the desire while ensuring that sex is undertaken with love and compassion. A monk and nun once inquired from me: John Kelly The Buddha describes above a wholesome situation, and the actions that make it wholesome. One is unable to repress it even if one wants to repress it. If the light drop of the source of life can be transformed into energy, this means one has physically attained the non-outflow of impurity, through which sexual desire can be extinguished! It is an invitation to observe our own actions and motivations more closely, as they happen. If we avoid it just because it is more difficult to integrate than anger or fear, then we are simply saying that when the chips are down we cannot follow our own practice. However, experience shows that taking a vow of celibacy when one is not ready for it can be anything but helpful. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. How much dishonesty is required for that situation to develop? It is up to the individual on how to apply them. Consider celibacy as an option. Illiterate people can understand and learn the same things orally, with images, or videos. Being literate by itself doesn't help with much, it's just used for communication, preserving a thought or idea Once it is tampered with, the consequences are beyond our control! A healthy sex life can lovingly bind two people together for many years. More bits than anyone can count. Sad story Someone close to me told me about a group conversation he was involved in at work one day. In my view, the issue of moral discipline seems to concern the practice of repression and transformation. Had he been addressing women, he would of course have spoken of male equivalents. There are beautiful, wholesome bits and ugly, hurtful bits.

Buddha sexuality

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  1. To keep the precept, the Buddha recommends the following: If you broaden the idea of sensual energy to include all of the energies you exchange with others, a rich field for contemplation opens up.

  2. Bad karma will have bad results and good deeds will have good results. The psychological and physical interact as cause and effect.

  3. Sad story Someone close to me told me about a group conversation he was involved in at work one day.

  4. You start to see how speech is a means of exchanging energy, and also touch, and simply being present with someone else. A lot depends on why you want to control those thoughts, and your time line to achieve it in.

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