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Why Hygromycin B EvoPure®?

Though the use of the hygromycin resistant gene (hpt gene) as a selectable marker,
Hygromycin B (20-100 µg/ml) is commonly used in gene selection experiments to
select for transfected cells.

Unfortunately, the purity of commercially available hygromycin B ranges anywhere
from 60% to 92% (supplier’s claims of 98% are actually only 92% pureas tested by

Recently TOKU-E scientists have not only identified all impurities incommercially
available hygromycin B, but found that one of the impurities can kill most of the
hygromycin B resistant plant cells at 1-10µg/ml. By using today’s best technology
to craft EvoPure® hygromycin B,you can now by the purest and least toxic (>99.5%)
hygromycin B on the market.

EvoPure® Advantages:
Shorter or no re-optimization required
Faster post-transfection recovery time
More accurate and consistent results